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About Enednoviel

Okay, since it is my site and my idea to include some biographical info about the represented artists, I'll have to set a good example. Here we go. :)

I'm known as either Enednoviel or Ambersky on the net. I have changed my net name to Enednoviel because there are several other Amberskys out there, and I wanted something unique, something that sounded a more enigmatic. *g* According to a funny Elven name creator, "Enednoviel" is the equivalent to my real name. Nope, I didn't really take it seriously then, but I liked the sound of it and it stuck with me ever since.

But I digress. If you have clicked this page you want to know a little more about me, right?
I'm a thirty-something married woman and I live in Germany. I have studied Art History and English, but at the moment I'm more or less stuck in a small village right in the middle of Germany.

I have been drawing since I could hold a pencil. I'm almost completely self-taught. I tried to participate in some art classes at the university, but they thought I wasn't really good enough for this. Screw them. Things like that never stopped me from doing what I love to do, so I just continued drawing.

Within the last years I have dipped into several fandoms - as you can see on the variety of what it is presented here. I love to draw my favourite characters, that's what I can do best: draw faces and portraits. And I hope you enjoy what I do.

If you want to send feedback for my drawings, you can either sign the guestbook or send me a mail at
ambersky @ gmx.de [remove spaces].

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